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Nỗ lực thêm một chút, chúng ta có thể làm được tốt hơn. Thế tại sao ta bị cuốn vào những điều tầm thường nhàm chán?

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People agree the formula of extra + ordinary = extraordinary, but they also argue on the meaning of extra.

Some think extra is hard working. They believe that people need a lot of effort to not being procrastinated and complete their work.

Some think extra is art, EQ or smart action. For instance, when we cook, we don’t need seasoning all the time, however, it is necessary to have the final touch before we serve.

I think it depends on the situation, what I want to emphasize is "Take the extra step". During my career, this magic sentence is my secret. The meaning of “the extra” has always been mentioned whenever I took Solution Architect’s classes for years: Don't just think of normal happy flow, think of abnormal case and how we handle it.

By taking an extra step, we upgrade our level since we know what really makes the work shine and different. In contrast, the ordinary will make us become a zombie gradually by just doing so so.

How about the extra for our life?

All kinds of things that give us a happy feeling at work are hitting a goal, getting a promotion, landing a new client, completing a project, and the list goes on. After all, happiness is temporary, the feeling doesn't last. Nobody walks around energized by the memory of a goal hit twelve months ago. That intensity passes with time.

Fulfillment is deeper. Fulfillment lasts. The diffference between happiness and fulfillment is the diffference between liking something and loving something. We don't necessary like our kids (or our boss) all the time, for example, but we do love them all the time.

We don't necessary find happiness in our jobs every day, but we can feel fulfilled by our work at the end of the day if it makes us feel like being a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Happiness comes from what we do.
Fulfillment comes from why we do it.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Very simple, take an extra step! I believe this is the medicine we need to stay hungry, stay foolish and being our best version.

Take the extra part and then your 8th habit will find a way to thrive.

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